May 21, 2024


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You Can Only Benefit From Freshers If You Hire Them

it jobs for freshers: Indian IT companies ramp up hiring of freshers to  highest in a decade - The Economic Times

The Ministry of Education reports that 9 Million students graduate every year in India, and only one-third of them are hired by companies. It is amazing to think about the potential untapped in the country with the world’s third largest education system!

Big or small, companies prefer to hire experienced employees over people who are fresh out of college. When an organization is looking for a motivated workforce at a low cost, hiring freshers assessment can be an attractive option. In addition to bringing in a fresh perspective, fresher employees might be blindsided by the experienced workforce.

You can reap these benefits from hiring a fresher:

Assume the following: An entirely new perspective

Graduates bring a wealth of theoretical knowledge to the workplace, which is eagerly applied. Many people believe that the practical world is different from what they study in books, but that’s not necessarily true. A recent graduate has a unique way of addressing mundane problems. The students are smart, well-trained, talented, and eager to put their ideas into practice.

Keep up to date with technology

Businesses today rely on technology to survive. Undoubtedly, a workforce unable to adapt to technological advances will fail. In a traditional organization, the young graduates can turn things around, as they are technology enthusiasts. Technology intrigues young people far more than it does older ones.


Three. Learning Ability, Unlearning Ability, and Relearning Ability

– “Those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn will be called illiterate in the 21st century, not those who cannot read and write.” – Alvin Toffler


With big dreams, hopes, and aspirations, freshers enter the corporate world willing to learn, relearn, and, more importantly, unlearn. Unlike experienced candidates who may not adapt well to change, they are easier to mold and train. The best way to introduce new technologies and work methods is to hire a fresher.

The Fourth. Receptive to criticism

In spite of years of schooling, freshmen know that they still have a lot to learn and improve on. Therefore, they are more receptive to criticism and are eager to learn and adapt. The trait ensures that the candidate performs well, which leads to increased productivity and profitability for the company.

Five. Recruiting talent at lower CTCs

Fresh graduates have the advantage of offering you a great talent pool at a lower cost. Budget-friendly packages can be created by an organization. New employees have lower salaries than more experienced employees, but their skills are equal.





  1. Beneficial for large-scale hiring

The expansion phase of an organization requires hiring a large number of people. Keeping the workforce expense low can be achieved by hiring a pool of recent graduates. Freshers can be hired off campus with their college’s campus placement drive, thereby speeding up the recruitment process. For the future, this also creates a talent pool that is easily accessible.

The seventh point. Be committed.

There is a lot of determination and motivation among new students. In addition to being highly dedicated to their work, they are also eager to make their mark in their professional life. It is not a question of whether they will work long hours or not.

Eighth. Easily trained and molded

The lack of experience of new hires makes it easier for organizations to train and mould them into the organizational structure. Freshmen, who are eager to learn, are capable of integrating themselves into the organization quickly.

Every great leader started as a fresher once. When freshers receive the right guidance in their careers, they can shape a successful path for themselves in the future. Freshers are one of the cheapest ways for organizations to improve their work environment without spending a lot of money.