May 21, 2024


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How Should Catalogue Design Work?

How to Design a Brochure: The Ultimate Guide

You will likely turn to a designer for a new catalogue if your business needs one. You can rely on a professional catalogue designer to see you through the entire Catalogue design Johor Bahru process, making it as stress-free and easy as possible for you, resulting in the perfect marketing tool for your business.

What should be the steps in a successful catalogue design process? Here are the main things you need to do to facilitate the process and what to expect from your catalogue designer.


Designing a great catalog: 6 steps

As you design your catalogue, you will need to complete six key steps.

Data collection for products

You should start by gathering a list of all the products you want in the catalog. As part of the design process, it will likely cost more time and money to fix something you forgot. Therefore, it is important to do this early on.

Composing copy

Every item in the catalogue must have a product description written by someone from your company, the catalogue designers or a third party. It’s crucial to get this right. If you want to make a sale, good copy is crucial.

How to choose a look

It is important to decide early on how the catalogue will look and behave. The look and feel of the catalogue should be in harmony with your brand.


 The look of a company which sells high-end bespoke furniture will differ greatly from a company that sells mass-produced flatpack furniture.

Designing the layout

How successful a catalogue is depends heavily on its layout. How well products sell can be greatly affected by how they are arranged in the catalogue. In addition to being easy to scan, the layout should also be easy to navigate.

Imagery production

Besides high-quality product images, you’ll also need a cover image and some general background images. You or the catalogue designer will have to produce these if you don’t already have them. Make sure to choose images that really showcase your company and products.


The final version of your document needs to be proofed before it is sent to the printers, put on your website or emailed to your customers at the end of the production process.

You might miss a minor error if you don’t get as many people to look through the catalog as many times as you can. To make sure that all artwork and design elements are approved quickly, we’ve compiled a handy guide on proofing your catalogue.


Considerations when designing a catalogue

A catalogue designer needs to know certain key things to help shape the design process. While your designer will ask you about all of these things early in the design process, it is worthwhile to consider them before you meet with your designer to save time.



You may be able to charge pence to thousands of pounds for the items in your catalogue, depending on your business. Design will be affected greatly by this, so it is important to communicate this up front with your designer.

In addition to their design, your products’ prices will likely be a big factor in shaping the perception of your brand among your customers. You need to reflect this in your catalogue design.

Benefits highlighted

It is common for companies to focus too much on the features of their products or services rather than on the benefits. Customers, however, buy products based on their benefits, so you need to be clear about what your products offer.

Using clever graphics, imagery, and typography, your designer can highlight all of the benefits.