June 18, 2024


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Using mailing envelopes for a variety of reasons

5 Reasons to Use Tyvek Envelopes - BeagleLegal

Our product can be shipped in a variety of ways based on how we prepare it for shipping. This article outlines the benefits of using shipping envelopes, focusing on two items, poly mailers and bubble mailers Sobres para envios

At present, shipping envelopes are gaining in popularity among Ecommerce businesses for their ability to protect products, make preparation time easy, and require less physical space, thus reducing costs.


  1. Econometrics. The cost of mailing bags is lower than that of cardboard boxes or other types of envelopes. 
  2. Resistance. The materials we use to manufacture our envelopes are of excellent quality, resistant to tears and opening.
  3. It is waterproof. Neither the material nor the waterproof seal of the envelope permits liquids or raindrops to filter in, covering and protecting the product from external moisture, dust or dirt. 
  4. We keep your information safe and confidential.
  5.  By being totally opaque, the envelope hides what is inside, preventing theft and manipulation. Being notorious for any type of alteration, because it is necessary to break the envelope to access the content of it.
  6. Auto Adhesive. In contrast, boxes usually require adhesive tape to pack correctly when using a closure that adheres easily and completely seals the product.
  7. Space should be reduced. The bags are very lightweight and are available in different sizes for packing different types of products. It is also possible to compress the dimensions of the package by eliminating excess air, making it easy to fit in a small space.
  8. You can prepare it quickly and easily. The ease of handling and the fact that they do not require assembly, like boxes, reduce the preparation time of the product and it can be ready for shipment in as little as a few seconds.


  1. The price. The use of these envelopes is cheaper than using boxes, which covers the same need to send the product.
  2. Protecting. Thanks to its bubble-filled interior, which cushions the product during transit, the product will arrive in perfect condition.
  3. Keeping your information safe and confidential is extremely important. The material of the Envelope conceals the contents within, making it impossible for it to be stolen or manipulated. The only way to access its content is to open the envelope by tearing it.
  4. Self-adhesive. They use a hot melt closure that adheres easily and completely seals the product, whereas when using boxes, packing is almost always accomplished using adhesive tape.
  5. You can prepare it quickly and easily with this product. Thanks to its ease of handling and the fact that they do not need to be assembled like boxes, they can be ready for shipment in just a few seconds.