March 4, 2024


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Things You Should Know About Lab Grown Diamond in Garland

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds | Tatler Asia

There is a good chance you’ve seen lab-grown diamonds in Garland when shopping for an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry. You may be thinking why are they the better choice for your next diamond jewelry. Similar to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also 100% carbon. Lab diamonds are created and grown in labs and they are visually and chemically similar to mined diamonds.

Is a Lab-grown Diamond a Real Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are similar in quality, durability, and beauty to mined diamonds. Carbon is the same substance that natural diamonds are made of, making lab-grown diamonds carbon-based. As a result, they are as hard to chip as a genuine diamond, which is why they are the hardest substance on the earth. Lab-grown diamonds are graded on a color scale that is identical to that of natural diamonds.

Why Lab-grown Diamonds are Better in Garland?

  1. Eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds

Mined diamonds may be stunning, but the environmental damage they do cannot be overstated. In order to begin with, they need enormous equipment and explosives that penetrate deep into the soil.

It takes 100 square feet of land per carat to mine a diamond, and 5798 pounds of mineral waste is produced in the process. A carat of lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, merely disturbs 0.07 square feet of land and generates just 1 pound of mineral waste.

  1. Competitively priced lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are the most cost-effective option. Diamonds that aren’t mined are typically 20% to 40% less expensive than those that are. You’ll also receive the same level of detail, diversity, consistency, and quality. What more can be said?

  1. They are the same as real diamonds

A lab-grown diamond is exactly the same as a naturally occurring diamond in terms of the isometric cubic system of carbon crystallization. The chemical, visual, and physical qualities of mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical. In a controlled setting, they are created under circumstances comparable to those found in nature.

  1. Lab-grown diamonds look the same as real diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are one of the finest benefits of purchasing a mined diamond since they seem identical to the naked eye. Because they are chemically and optically similar, neither diamond detectors nor conventional observations can tell the difference. 

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, the only distinction is that each one has a tiny microscopic inscription. Nevertheless, the two sorts of diamonds cannot be distinguished from one another without very sophisticated equipment developed to read this inscription. As a result, no one, even close relatives and friends in Garland, will be able to see the difference.

  1. They are special and unique

It’s possible to create modern designs using lab-grown diamonds in Garland in the same way as with mined ones. Diamonds created in a lab come in a variety of shapes and settings. Traditional forms including round, princess, cushion, and oval are available. 

You may also get lab-grown diamonds in less traditional forms, such as heart, Asscher, and round brilliant if you choose. If you’re looking for a broad variety of settings, lab-grown diamonds may be used in any of them.

Do Lab-grown Diamonds Sparkle?

Diamonds generated in a lab have the same sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds, and they can be created in almost the same color and clarity ranges. If you placed a synthetic and a real stone of the same color, clarity, and carat weight, and cut them side by side, it would be almost difficult for a client to tell them apart.

It’s possible that lab diamonds will have the same sparkle as natural ones.  As with natural diamonds, lab-created stones vary in grade, size, color, glint, and clarity, but two stones of the same quality, shape, size, color, sparkle, clarity, and provenance may seem almost identical.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds in Garland Are Better

Diamonds created in a laboratory provide a level of assurance that natural mined diamonds just do not. Lab-grown diamonds are ecologically friendly, ethically sourced, and cost-effective compared to mined diamonds. They also appear similar to mined diamonds, giving you peace of mind about the diamond’s provenance.

A lab-grown diamond may be the most popular choice in Garland for those who feel they are receiving more for their money. Compared to mined diamonds of comparable size and quality, a lab-grown diamond costs around 30% less today. In other words, you may spend less money on a larger stone with the same degree of clarity.