April 16, 2024


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Why fireproof insulation is beneficial for commercial builds —  RenovationFind Blog

Construction of a building or business must be done in a safe manner. The danger of fire is the reason why Aislamiento Ignifugo Valencia is so important. You can be sure your building is fireproof with cementitious fireproofing insulation. Fires can be slowed or even prevented from igniting by insulating electrical circuits.

Atlas Sprayfoam Systems Ltd. is a Winnipeg-based spray foam insulation company that also provides fireproofing and soundproofing. Monokote cementitious fireproofing provides the following benefits for commercial buildings:

Cementitious fireproofing is what?

In the same way as spray foam, cementitious fireproofing is sprayed directly on surfaces such as steel beams, columns, concrete, and joists. In commercial buildings, it is often used because it is fire-resistant. In order to create cementitious spray, water is simply added to a mill-mixed plaster. It can be installed rapidly and easily after being mixed. This can be combined with other fireproofing measures, such as smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, to stop fires from spreading quickly. Also, if an emergency occurs, there is enough time to evacuate safely.

What it does and where it works

Cementitious fireproofing works by providing thermal insulation to prevent surfaces from melting or crumbling. Both exposed and concealed surfaces can be protected. A passive fireproofing system, such as insulation, slows fire spread but doesn’t completely stop it.

There are three levels of density for insulation depending on where it is applied and how much insulation is required. In areas without physical contact or that will not be damaged, standard-density is used. Stairwell columns and mechanical room columns are covered with medium-density. Third level is high density, which is used for exterior surfaces where weather exposure is a concern, such as parking garages.

Considerations and benefits

Fast and inexpensive installation is one of the main advantages of this insulation. Maintenance is minimal once it has been applied. Additionally, it enhances energy efficiency, soundproofing, and overall stability when paired with closed cell spray foam insulation. During a fire, cementitious fireproofing does not release toxic fumes or inhibit mould growth. Because it doesn’t expand once applied, even homes that already have sheathing can get the benefits of the insulation.

It’s important to keep in mind some factors, such as the insulation’s visual effect. Due to its non-paintable surface, it is not suitable for areas where aesthetic appeal is important. You should also avoid areas where moisture or water can get in. If water gets between the coating and the surface, it can cause corrosion, posing a safety and integrity risk.

Contractors who work in Winnipeg’s insulation

We are proud to provide superior and high-quality insulation solutions to both residential and commercial customers at Atlas Sprayfoam Systems. They guarantee top-quality results, materials, and services based on their 50 years of experience. These professionals can provide insulation for a residential home, fireproofing for a commercial building, or both.


Using sound insulation to control acoustics

Building occupants can benefit from acoustically-sound environments in which they can relax, enjoy quiet time, or crank up the volume without disturbing others. Buildings with fibreglass and mineral wool insulation are able to reduce sound transmission between rooms, between ceilings and floors, as well as from outside sources. It is possible to apply acoustical control to interior walls by installing mineral wool or fibreglass batts.