June 14, 2024


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Top 5 YouTube Channels to Learn Forex Trading

Top 7 Forex Trading Youtube channels

YouTube has always remained one of the most efficient, effective, and reliable platforms when it comes to learning. People can find content in millions and billions of videos related to almost everything, including foreign exchange trading.

So are you a forex trader searching for some excellent and intuitive YouTube channels that can help you learn foreign exchange trade? If yes, then keep on reading, as this article will let you know about the top 5 YouTube channels that can make you grow as a successful forex trader in no time. Let’s start

Top YouTube Channels to Learn Forex Trading

Keren Foo- 101k subscribers

Keren foo is a channel named after its owner, a very successful forex trader in Singapore. He shares many valuable tips related to forex trading and investment and posts motivational videos to achieve your end goals.

In addition, the channel also helps people to use various popular forex tools without making mistakes.

Trading 212- 590k subscribers

Trading 212 is another well-known YouTube channel for learning foreign exchange trading. The company is based in London and provides free apps to people to trade equities, commodities, and currency pairs.

It also runs a stock brokerage house in the UK and Europe and is known for providing the most popular mobile applications for investing and trading, with more than 14 million downloads.

Although this channel is not strictly focused on educating people about forex, they still have many valuable videos.

ForexSignals TV- 243k subscribers

This channel is a community of forex traders living anywhere worldwide. In addition, ForexSignals conducts live streams daily that cover the US, European, and Asian trading markers.

The best part about this channel is that content is available in bulk. Yet, they have a paid membership where traders share trading ideas.

The trading channel- 497k subscribers

The trading channel is a channel that is run by a very well-known and famous forex trader: Steven Hart. The track has various free videos along with some paid videos.

It specializes in explaining trading strategies and indicators for beginners. In addition, you can find videos related to forex trading tutorials, lean structure-based trading, demand and supply forex, and live forex traders on the trading channel.

TraderNick- 156k subscribers

This channel features a forex trader named Nick. He discusses things related to stock and forex market analysis. Also, he discusses his journey as a forex trader and tells stories about his success and failures so that other people can learn from his mistakes and experiences.

Nick also operates a business known as A1 Trading, where he hosts online communities for traders to share their experiences.

His channel contains videos about living forex trading, trade breakdown, top forex trading strategies, trading tips, and the list.


YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn forex trading. The same is why we have discussed the top 5 YouTube channels to become a successful trader. So read, access those YouTube channels, and transform your life.