May 19, 2024


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Learning and training online for supervisors has these five advantages

Five Advantages of Online Supervisor Training and Learning

Businesses in all sectors will likely experience several trends over the next three to five years. Technology will likely have the greatest impact.  A skills gap already present in entire industries will further widen with this shift. The need for reskilling will be unprecedented, making most training strategies obsolete. Leadership will need to change in order to make these changes successful. Additionally, it will need to be implemented and executed on a shop floor level.

Our blog will discuss the advantages of online training for middle managers and front-line supervisor training online courses as a way to prepare them for upcoming challenges.


 I believe the timing has never been better for considering online supervisor training and learning since we have outlined five advantages.


Training and Learning Online for Supervisors: Five Advantages

Scheduling that is flexible

There are certain norms that can be expected in every industry. The shortage of supervisors for those in skilled trades and other labor-dependent industries is one disadvantage. Flexibility in scheduling is another advantage possessed by online learning. It is possible to adapt online learning to meet the schedules of participants in many cases. It is important to consider the advantages of online learning when the availability of supervisors is a barrier to needed training.


Spending goes further with funds

Training in person requires a lot of time and effort. It takes time and the expertise of subject matter experts to design and develop leadership skills programs in-house. The cost of training can also skyrocket if external resources are used, including hourly rates and travel-related expenses. For those looking to get more for their money, online learning not only provides a viable alternative to onsite instruction, but also offers a significant financial advantage. When companies receive training online, rather than in person, they save an average of 20% or more.

Bite-sized Chunks

Development opportunities are often treated as events by many organizations. During training, employees receive everything they need at once. While this is efficient, it is ineffective for adults. A continuous process of training should be offered, reinforced and spread over time, as development is an ongoing process. Supervisors have a number of online options for receiving on-going professional development. Even though this isn’t always an option for in-person training, it’s a consideration worth considering for those interested in online training strategies.


Developing in response to needs

In most training content, learning objectives are generalized for a wide range of audiences and do not consider the unique circumstances of individual learners. As a result of this, a 24×7 learning survey revealed that only 12% of what is learned in a traditional classroom setting ends up being applied in the workplace. Individual participants should benefit from development tailored to their needs and preferred learning styles.  When such alignment is achieved, learning outcomes are consistently high.  Customized online training is an attractive option for anyone tired of pre-packaged programs or seeking better results than canned courses. 


Developing higher-order thinking skills

A training program that merely aims to provide information and understanding is not enough.  To succeed as a supervisor, you need to be able to assess and analyze a variety of circumstances that are unique to your role.  They must be able to apply learned skills in a way that consistently delivers results through others as well.Today, supervisors must possess a wide range of leadership skills. Enhanced skill development opportunities are necessary to adequately prepare front-line resources for the challenges ahead.

In addition, instructional designers must create high-level learning experiences. Most anyone can accomplish this with online resources.  Adult learners have never had access to more quality, convenient content.  Smaller organizations with fewer training resources can benefit from this especially.


Alternatives to traditional learning: Online learning

Anyone can speculate about whether or not online training will become the primary method for workforce development in the future. It can certainly fill the void in terms of front-line resources at this point in time. The use of online learning provides a safe and effective alternative for those looking to rethink their training strategies or take advantage of technology investments.  

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