July 12, 2024


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Is Carbon Copy Pro a Profitable and Legit Opportunity? Carbon Copy Pro Review

I decided to investigate an opportunity called Carbon Copy Pro due to the number of scams running online, and this is what I found out. Carbon Copy Pro is actually a marketing system that is designed to assist business entrepreneurs in solving specific challenges of operating a home-based business. It is more of a marketing system that is facilitating online marketing education, essential lead generation training, and marketing tools tutorial to help members sell and market products of an affiliate company, Wealth Masters International. Thus, members could be members of both Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International at the same time.

This program was designed and established by online marketer Jay Kubassek with collaboration from his colleague and good friend Mike Dillard, who is a popular Internet marketing authority. Carbon Copy Pro makes itself useful and beneficial to anyone who is aiming and considering entering the network marketing industry. It is providing its members with proper education, resources, and support system so they could eventually be masters in the field of online marketing.

Wealth Masters International is a financial education organization founded in 2005 and based in Texas. It has a legitimate product line that includes high-profit margin products for sales consultants. Each line has a limited appeal from the fact that main products are applicable only to US citizens.

The entry-level product of Wealth Masters International (and Carbon Copy Pro) is M1 Masters Course. It is a combination of physical products delivered to customers and groups of alliances. The package contains DVDs and CDs for information. Other than financial tutorials, the product is also containing helpful knowledge and trainings about tax strategies.

The second-level product is what is called the M2 Wealth conference. This is again a financial education program that includes a free entrance to any of the conferences that are occasionally held. Aside from these two, there are other succeeding programs that are marketed, including the M3 Lifestyle Experience. This seems to be a legit opportunity to pursue, but what is missing? You need proper marketing knowledge to make this opportunity work. I can say that I’ve wasted a lot of money on the WRONG information.