September 29, 2023


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CNN+ Shut Down After Only 30 Days. Don’t Fear Failure.


About a month in the past CNN+ was released as a special, streaming services to host exclusive CNN content and far more. Staff members were being employed, lots of revenue was put in. Then it was all shut down. What can we find out about this for our businesses?

It was shut down as there was a disagreement between what the new management preferred to do and what the previous management wanted to do. CNN, owned by Warner Media, was merged with Discovery Channel – as a result the new leadership.

While it was shut down as new administration didn’t want it in any case, there is lessons we can understand about screening and not being afraid to fail.

Here are a handful of things we can learn:

  • It is alright to test and experiment. If you never consider new issues you will not know what performs
  • Promptly evaluate accomplishment and know what it really should be outlined
  • Never be concerned to immediately “stop” doing the experiment
  • Never permit the “failed” experiment stop you from testing new issues
  • All those who experimented, give them a badge of honor and not disgrace them for the “failure”
  • Find out from the experiment. Be it a failure or good results. Take lessons uncovered to other tasks.

What are you functioning on? What are you testing?

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