May 19, 2024


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Benefits of Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-Employment Screening - Its Purpose and Benefits - Edge Information

Human resources departments have become increasingly reliant on pre-employment background checks with all the recent technological advancements. According to recent statistics, forty percent of all background checks detect at least one discrepancy in resumes submitted by job applicants? The only thing that human resources employees can do to keep people from faking their prior criminal activities is to perform free background checks.

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Why do background checks have such a huge advantage?

In addition to reducing workplace violence and increasing applicant quality, employment background checks also help to reduce the loss of employees due to dishonesty, hire the right candidate, and avoid company losses and negative publicity. Additionally, free background checks available online are important for long-term success for companies. For-profit organisations can, therefore, increase their profits, while non-profit organisations can expand their reach.

The quality of job applications is improved by background checks

It will eventually increase the number of high-quality job applications if you check the backgrounds of potential employees. Once companies started conducting regular background checks, they noticed an immediate improvement in job applications. A thorough pre-employment background check results in.

  • Job applications are less likely to contain discrepancies and inaccuracies.
  • We discourage applicants who are hiding serious issues.
  • Please apply if you are looking for a safe workplace.
  • Companies are able to hire better candidates when the applicant pool’s quality improves.

Workplace violence can be reduced by background checks

Over 1.7 million workdays are lost yearly due to workplace violence, according to a study by the US Department of Justice. Losses of over $50 million annually result from this, without factoring in other costs like legal fees, productivity loss, and issues with public image.

It is the moral and legal obligation of every employer to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Therefore, it is crucial to know ahead of time whether an employee has a criminal history and has been involved in any serious issues such as reckless behaviour, substance abuse, theft, violent behaviour, and dishonesty. When companies obtain these details about potential employees, they can determine whether they are an asset or liability.

Background checks prevent employers from being held liable for negligent hiring and retentioN lawsuits based on negligent hiring and retention liability can hold employers liable for knowing or not knowing certain details about their employees.


A lawsuit based on negligent hiring and retention liability can hold employers liable for knowing or not knowing certain details about their employees. Companies are liable when employees commit certain forms of public misconduct. Companies are also required to find out whether a job candidate has been involved in dishonest or criminal activities if they are legally and morally obligated to provide a safe work environment for all employees. Background checks are a great way for employers to determine if a candidate is worth hiring.

Companies can verify potential employees’ education, licences, criminal records, and prior employment using online background check tools. Documentation and discrepancies in an individual’s application can be revealed through these research tools. Companies will be protected from liability lawsuits if they have access to this type of information.

This is crucial! It is your moral and legal obligation to be extra cautious in the background screening process if the job that your future employee applies for involves the following activities:

  • Being exposed to hazardous or toxic substances;
  • Child care, elderly care, or work with the infirm;
  • Being responsible for the safety and well-being of others;
  • Accessing other people’s homes or living quarters;
  • Obtaining medical, financial, or personal information about other people

Employee dishonesty can result in losses due to background checks

Occupational fraud and employee dishonesty cost each company, on average, more than 5% of yearly revenues. Occupational fraud results in losses of more than $1 million in one out of five cases, and smaller companies suffer from occupational fraud the most often. Dishonesty and theft by employees negatively affect a company’s productivity, reputation, employee morale, and public confidence. The use of background checks can significantly reduce employee dishonesty. Employers can avoid future liability by learning about a potential employee’s history of drug abuse, violence, theft, etc.