March 4, 2024


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Your life won’t be ruined by a DUI

A Dangerous Mistake: Why a DUI will ruin your life | Emma and 3

We can help you regain control of your life with the help of Edmonton DUI Lawyer Greg Dunn.

You face more than the possible suspension of your driver’s license if you are charged with impaired driving or DUI.

The best way to decide how to proceed if you are facing impaired driving charges in Edmonton is to fully understand the penalties and consequences of conviction.

You are experiencing a stressful period. You may find it challenging to think clearly during this time. Avoid making this mistake. You can feel confident about your future if you seek the assistance of an experienced Edmonton DUI law firms in Edmonton.

Many individuals in your situation have been helped by Greg Dunn to beat impaired driving charges in the Edmonton area. Contact him today. To get the information that you need to successfully resolve your impaired driving charges, call Greg Dunn at (780) 900-3873 today.

Impairment in driving is what? A DUI is what?

The Criminal Code of Canada makes impaired driving a criminal offence. Using alcohol or drugs impairs a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle. A DUI offense is the same as driving under the influence.

In order to be considered “driving over .08,” a driver must have more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in a 100 millilitre blood sample. There are also the following charges:

  • Providing no breath sample.
  • Death or serious bodily injury caused by impaired driving.
  • Death or bodily injury due to driving over .08.

When you are facing charges of impaired driving in Canada, Greg Dunn can help.

Edmonton does not have any laws against drinking and driving.

If you failed a breathalyzer test or had a drink before driving, you may think that your situation is hopeless. Not necessarily.

It is not illegal to drink and drive alone in Canada. It is often deemed unreliable or inaccurate to perform breath tests and hence excluded from evidence.

Canada’s impaired driving laws are based on a lot of incorrect assumptions. Avoid being negatively affected by these misconceptions. Get in touch with Greg Dunn and find out what your charges are and the best way forward.


Don’t enter a plea without knowing the facts.

Being charged with impaired driving is a stressful experience. Your ability to think clearly may have lapsed and you just want to put the whole situation behind you. Plead guilty so that the ordeal can be over with as soon as possible is the worst thing you can do.

It is illegal to drive while impaired. You may not be able to work or travel if you have a criminal record. There is the possibility of jail time and substantial fines if convicted. You may discover that even after the suspension of your driver’s license is lifted, your insurance rates are prohibitively high, making it impossible for you to drive for years to come.

The charges against you can be addressed by Greg Dunn, beginning today.

With Greg Dunn’s expertise in impaired driving law, you will be fully informed so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Information is power in this case.

You will be better able to handle the charges against you if you act quickly and contact Greg Dunn. The charges against you won’t simply disappear on their own. Greg Dunn has beaten charges against clients in many cases, which may surprise you.

It is never safe to assume that you can prove your case. You should not plead guilty even if you failed the breath test before consulting Greg Dunn and finding out if the charges against you can be dismissed or reduced.

It can have long-term effects on your life depending on what you decide today. For help with impaired driving charges, call Greg Dunn at (780) 900-3873 now.