May 19, 2024


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Why you should incorporate in Switzerland

Why incorporate a company in Switzerland?

1. The Swiss have a strategic location

Swiss Company domicile switzerland can benefit from the best business environment in the Western Europe region. Switzerland’s central location gives it access to economically strong countries such as Germany, Italy, and France. Due to this, Switzerland is an ideal starting point for companies wanting to enter the European market. Swiss companies can also use Switzerland as a test market before expanding into the rest of Europe.

The European Union is Switzerland’s largest trading partner. The Swiss import about 80% of their goods from the EU and export about 60% to the EU. Switzerland is a member of the European Free Trade Association, and it has several bilateral agreements with the EU, despite not being a member of the EU. It has more bilateral agreements with the EU than any other country. All of these agreements have removed most obstacles to market access, including the free movement of people. Customs duties and other charges are exempt on cross-border transactions involving industrial goods from the EU.

Aside from Switzerland’s strategic location, the country also has access to the European market without the regulatory disadvantages of the EU.

 2. The availability of highly skilled workers

Swiss schools are highly regarded around the world, both public and private. The educational system in Switzerland reflects the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity. German, French, and Italian are the three official national languages of Switzerland, but English has become an unofficial fourth language. This is due to the integration of many Anglo-Saxon companies into the local business environment. The Swiss workforce is renowned for its excellent language skills as a result of these abilities.

In addition to the great educational system, Swiss-based companies have developed many internship and training programs that, in turn, create well-trained and experienced employees. Companies can successfully manage their businesses thanks to the highly educated and diverse workforce available.

3. Industry that is highly developed

Switzerland has a number of well-developed industries, such as banking and insurance, with Zurich and Geneva being world financial centers despite its small size. Switzerland is one of the most important commodities trading platforms, especially on the free market for oil.

The pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and life sciences, as well as the finance sector, are strong. Several foreign companies from the engineering and medical technology sectors have been attracted to Switzerland because of its reputation in research and development.

Six thousand foreign companies have their headquarters in Switzerland, including US companies in Forbes’ list of the world’s most successful companies. Switzerland’s economic neutrality is the top criterion for choosing the country as a headquarters location.

4. The Swiss are a center of innovation

Due to Switzerland’s productivity in creating intellectual property, it’s no surprise that the country is continuously filing a substantial number of patents. Switzerland’s universities and research institutes produce highly-qualified experts and produce outstanding results in research.

Patents and innovations such as these are protected by strict intellectual property legislation. Swiss R&D expenditures amount to 3% of GDP, the highest in Europe.

5. The infrastructure is excellent

Switzerland has a high standard of living and a safe business environment, which makes it an attractive location for foreign investors. Swiss healthcare and public transportation are excellent, and the country has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, attracting many professionals and their families to live and work there.

Because of the extensive road network, the public transportation system is reliable and punctual, so anyone can easily get around the country.

Many entrepreneurs seek to establish their residence or their business location in Switzerland because the healthcare system and the telecommunications system are among the best in the world.