May 27, 2024


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The Pleasure of Forex Trading

Whenever our business or work demands over 60% of our efforts or time, many often regard it as non-pleasurable. One major reason why many people trade forex either as part time or fulltime is because they want to be able to achieve a status referred to as been self employed or what I refer to as “work independence” and financial freedom. The unfortunate but reality of the situation today is that many successful Forex traders are yet to gain time freedom, which is a benchmark achievement in self employment.

Another common scenario amongst forex traders today is that they make a lot of profit from trading but never had the pleasure of enjoying their wealth. While some actually enjoy their wealth but do so at a very expensive rate, for example paying so much for Hotel reservations and flights.

Enjoying the full pleasure of forex trading I believe should consist the following.

  • Time Freedom
  • Steady Extra-Income
  • Opportunity to meet people
  • Opportunity to own your own business
  • Financial freedom
  • Actualising one’s dream
  • Ability to help others succeed

It is unfortunate to know that most forex traders their best achieve maximum of 3 of these privileges listed above.

The Excitement However, is that on October 01,2008 an Australian based company launched a product that give Profitable forex traders the opportunity to enjoy all the Eight privileges listed above.

Every forex trader can achieve, Time freedom, Extra income, Network and meet people, Own a business, have financial freedom, realise ones dream and help others achieve success by simply buying one single product called Privilege pack. Very Easy!