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The Hawaii Car Shipping Guide (March 2022)

How To Find Cheap Car Shipping: March 2022 (Guide With Costs)

The anticipation of exploring Shipping car to Hawaii is probably high if you have a one-way ticket. You’d need a car to do so, and Hawaii isn’t the easiest place to get one.

Our Hawaii auto shipping guide can simplify the process. In addition to reviewing the best car shipping companies in the United States, we have now refined our list for transport across the Pacific.

Cost of shipping a car to Hawaii

It can cost anywhere from $950 to over $3,000 to ship a car to or from Hawaii, depending on several factors. We received price estimates for cheap car shipping services from Montway Auto Transport, one of our top choices. This cost is based on shipping a working 2018 Honda Accord using open transport.

Prices are constantly changing and are influenced by a number of factors, such as.

  • Prices tend to be higher in the summer and in January.
  • Moving a large car will be more expensive.
  • Compared to enclosed transport, open transport is more affordable.
  • Port-to-port service costs more than door-to-door service.
  • Cost of shipping to California is less than shipping to the East Coast or Midwest.
  • Transporting a car from Hawaii to the mainland is usually cheaper than the reverse.
  • The cost of fuel will increase your car shipment cost if fuel is expensive.

Car Shipping To Hawaii: What To Expect

It is much more difficult to ship a car to Hawaii than to most other states. Because Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific, all vehicles must be loaded onto a boat and travel to the islands for up to three weeks.

In order for your car to be shipped to or from Hawaii, special procedures must be followed, including:

  • Your car’s tank must be empty before shipping to Hawaii.
  • When shipping a car to Hawaii, bring your car’s title, registration, and a photo ID. Take a notarized letter from your car’s lien holder or second owner if you’re taking your car back to the U.S. mainland.
  • Check your car before you pick it up: If it is deemed inoperable, it may be denied or charged additional fees. Avoid taking chances.
  • It is never a good idea to ship your personal belongings inside your vehicle.
  • Be sure to turn off your alarm system before you travel.

Due to Hawaii’s remote location, expect to pay a high auto shipping rate for sending your vehicle there. If your car isn’t very valuable, it might be best to leave it on the mainland. For instance, shipping a vehicle worth $30k may be a good option.

Honolulu’s home island of Oahu might be more affordable than Kahului or Hilo on Maui or Nawiliwili on Kauai for shipping cars. As a result, Hawaii’s largest island sees more traffic. 

The lower shipping prices on the West Coast attracts many people from the east to drive to ports like Los Angeles, Seattle/Tacoma, Oakland, and San Diego. Roll-on/roll-off shipping is another method people commonly use, where cars are driven directly to a West Coast port and loaded onto a ship. Their car is rolled off the ship once it reaches its destination.

Hawaii’s Top Car Shipping Providers

It takes extra effort to ship a car to Hawaii, so not all industry leaders offer the service. Fortunately, Easy Auto Ship and Montway Auto Transport regularly ship vehicles to and from Hawaii.

Easy Auto Ship: Best Added Benefits

The auto transport company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating.

Easy Auto Ship offers countless benefits to its customers, from an extensive insurance policy to the choice of specific car pickup and drop-off dates.