Taking a withdrawal

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I made a bank transfer IQ Option withdrawal. How long will it take to reach my bank account?

Bank transfers can take up to three business days, but it can be shorter. Similarly, some tickets may be processed in less time, while others may require all the time allotted.

How did you arrive at a minimum amount of 150.00BRL for bank transfer withdrawals?

The new minimum withdrawal amount will only apply to bank transfers. Otherwise, 4 BRL will still be required for all withdrawals. This change was necessary due to the large number of withdrawals processed using this method at low values. In order to maintain quality, we need to reduce the number of withdrawals per day.

If I withdraw less than 150.00BRL by bank transfer, I am instructed to contact support. Please assist me.

Withdrawing less than 150 BRL is as simple as selecting another withdrawal method, such as an electronic wallet.

What is the procedure for withdrawing money?

Depending on how you deposited, you will be able to withdraw.

Funds you deposit into your account through an e-wallet can only be withdrawn to that same e-wallet account. Click the withdrawal button to request a withdrawal. You will receive your withdrawal within 3 business days. Withdrawing funds to a bank card will require additional time from your bank and the payment system.

Location-specific conditions may apply. Contact Support if you need more detailed instructions.

How much can I withdraw as a minimum and maximum?

You can withdraw funds starting from $2 on the following page: iqoption.com/withdrawal – there are no minimum withdrawal amounts. Please contact our Support Team if you want to withdraw less than $2. They will let you know what your options are.

My trading account has funds in it. How do I withdraw those funds to my bank account?

Go to Withdraw Funds to withdraw your money. Specify the amount, the withdrawal method, and other details, and click “Withdraw Funds”. Your withdrawal request will be processed within three business days. Interbank (bank-to-bank) payments may take a little longer to process.

Withdrawals are unlimited. You may never withdraw more than the amount of your current trading balance.

During a withdrawal of funds, the money that was paid in the previous transaction is refunded. You can only withdraw a certain amount from a bank card if you have deposited that amount with the card.

An example of a withdrawal process can be found in appendix 1.

The withdrawal process involves the following parties:

Option 1: IQ

Partner bank – IQ Option’s acquiring bank.

Three) International payment system (IPS) – Visa International or MasterCard International.

4) Issuing bank – bank that issued your credit card and opened your bank account.

Only the amount of your initial deposit can be withdrawn from the bank card. Therefore, your funds can be returned to the bank card. Depending on your bank, the process may take a little longer than expected. The money is transferred immediately to your bank account. You may have to wait up to 21 days (3 weeks) for the money to be transferred.