July 12, 2024


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Reasons to Trade With South Africa

South Africa is an eager exporter of whatever the latest is on demand from international buyers. We are kept up to date with world trends manufacturing the latest and most exciting goods through export channels. As well as being a healthy manufacturer, S.A is a rich continent with much to offer and much to share with the rest of the world. They has undergone massive growth since the early 1990’s and there is much hope for the future of export and import as the potential is endless.

South Africa has a great history of successful exports / imports and an attractive attitude towards paying on time. An advantage of importing from them is that they are linked to the rest of Africa through the Southern African Customs Union which is made up of S.A, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia. Of the 15 members of the South African Development Community, 12 members have recently launched a free trade zone.

Africa has thirty regional trade arrangements and each country belongs to an average of about four groups.

From international waters, many goods, such as industrial items, enter duty free. When the item is not duty free the rates charged fall mostly between 5% and 25%. Goods which value does not exceed R400 are not liable for customs duty.

Some goods, for example consumer goods (food, clothing, foot wear, books, fuel, wood, metal etc) being exported from South Africa will require an export permit, but this is not difficult to acquire and restrictions or limitations are minimal.

There has been recent and exciting growth in the IT sector of Export/Import and they are looking forward to a growing market of computer software and hardware for export and import.

SA is a top exporter of the worlds pharmaceutical products with yearly exports reaching millions.

South African Logistics assist in making the export business quick and cost effective. With our times being similar to Western Europe this makes for efficient business.

They is up to date on the latest export trends and stands strong alongside the rest of the globe.