July 13, 2024


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Promote Your Business With Sirius XM Advertising Using a Serious Radio Commercial Production

Want a slice of the demographic pie? Then the time is now, not tomorrow, to invest in radio commercial production to get a brand name in the minds of the public! Turn a business’s lackluster results from print media into vibrant profitability with radio commercial production services, including those for Sirius advertising.

Sirius XM is not an up and coming media. Rather, it is here today and very relevant! Sirius XM includes streaming content with the media buy, unlike most local and nationwide terrestrial radio buys that try to upsell the clients for the online portion. A radio commercial production utilizing Sirius XM is cost effective, allowing clients to reach millions at a fraction of the cost of terrestrial radio. For less than the price of one large station in a top 5 market, an advertiser may reach an audience 5x larger. It can help to turn the bottom dollar into the figures anticipated with other ad campaigns. Unlike most terrestrial radio stations, Sirius XM provides the all important PAD display, which enhances the campaign with a visual display of the sponsor’s name, telephone number, web address or promo code.

Using a radio advertising agency for Sirius XM media buys can provide much value to an advertiser. A radio advertising agencies that deals often with Sirius XM often knows the going rates, gets bonus spots, and can typically create highly effective ads that stand out, rather than the flat straight read produced ads which the network may provided..

The days of word-of-mouth have not been silenced, only amplified by the use of technology in markets like satellite advertising. As a business message is sent through the signals captured by individual satellite receivers in car and home stereo equipment, apps on mobile devices and much more, the targeted demographic can be tweaked for the business needs and budget.

Sirius technology offers a wide variety of programming. From commercial free music, sports, talk and entertainment, news-traffic and weather, to comedy; satellite radio opens a virtual smorgasbord of choice and convenience. Any company could company benefit from the limitless possibilities from the advertising promise of satellite technology.

With celebrity endorsements and the testimony of avid users of satellite radio, along with marketing research to validate its effectiveness, it is to be considered a viable means of reaching the potential customer or future client.

The methods of advertising are numerous. Newspaper ads are only effective to the eyes that see its print, if the advertisement is taken favorably, as it lacks in personal interaction. Radio advertising offers a myriad of options for the business dollar; direct response radio advertising, Internet radio advertising and marketing, as well local radio advertising and the list goes on.

So, does that slice of demographic pie sound appealing yet? Perhaps a few more reasons to invest in the future of satellite advertising can sway any doubts. How many times during the course of any given day will a person listen to the radio? Awaking to the clock-radio, listening while enjoying breakfast, driving to school or work, radio stations piped throughout the work environment, driving home, relaxing at home or dancing the night away with friends; the radio plays a large role in daily life. Get Sirius.