June 10, 2023


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Managed IT services have nine benefits

9 Impressive Benefits of Managed IT Services | Donklephant

Investing in your technology’s safety, functionality and effectiveness is one of the most important investments you can make. Although an in-house team may be able to support your business, outsourcing is usually more advantageous in the long run. Even beyond the 9 benefits listed below, a managed IT support services provider who listens and works with you to achieve business goals can be incredibly beneficial.

The first is. Profitable investment.

A managed IT service provider (MSP) offers far more resources for the same cost as a small in-house team. Having access to cutting-edge technology solutions and a much larger team of IT professionals are two of the benefits of partnering with an MSP. An MSP is also more effective at preventing cyber threats. Compared to an in-house IT team, an MSP offers far more resources and, therefore, value.

Secondly, efficacy

Outsourcing your IT management allows you to focus on your core business. Outsourcing your MSP allows you to focus on your core business. Furthermore, the MSP will ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, which will save you time and money. In addition, outsourcing your technology to a MSP will ensure proper maintenance, which will reduce downtime and increase employee productivity.

Three. Productivity increases

Possibly, you have IT professionals on staff who develop programs or train employees. However, they may get sidetracked with “miscellaneous” requests from co-workers, such as requesting assistance with log-in issues, resulting in lost productivity.

You will provide your employees with a dedicated helpline to call in the event of an IT issue if you outsource to a managed IT services company. Your retainer IT staff can then focus on the tasks for which they were hired.




The fourth. Preventing breaches of security

By outsourcing your cyber security to a specialist who keeps up to date with the latest defenses, you can keep your organization as safe as possible from cyber crime. Additionally, your consultant will assist your staff in recognising and avoiding the latest threats aimed at them, thereby reducing the risk of a security breach. MSPs extend their services to include cyber security, even though it is technically not part of their core offerings.

Five. Expertise that is limitless

Generally, a Managed IT Service Provider’s employees are experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of industries. While working for an MSP, employees often continue their education and earn new certifications, offering an ever-deepening level of expertise. In addition, you will not be responsible for continuing education or training costs if you outsource to a managed service provider as opposed to an in-house team.

Sixth. Online services

Most businesses that are considering moving to cloud-based platforms are concerned about a security breach. For users who must access their accounts and websites from their mobile devices, cloud-based access is essential. Using the cloud also allows your employees to access your network while traveling and work remotely. MSPs not only help you migrate securely to the cloud, but also manage the platform’s ongoing maintenance.

Seven. Managing uptime better

To increase efficiency and avoid downtime, all IT systems should be regularly updated. Generally, system updates will have to be performed after hours in order to ensure maximum uptime during the regular workday. In-house teams may incur overtime expenses due to this.

IT outsourcing lets you hire a team of IT professionals to upgrade your systems remotely at the time that’s least disruptive to your employees. With no additional overtime costs for you, we will maintain or even increase your up-time.



Ibid. Taking advantage of the competition

A business’s potential clients may also be concerned about cyber security. An untrustworthy company is certainly more attractive than a safe and secure one they can entrust with their sensitive data. In many cases, MSPs also provide cyber security services, which means they can protect you and your clients with the latest technology available.

Nine. Invest in your company

In many cases, budget constraints limit your ability to expand your business. The excess funds that were previously spent on an in-house IT department can be reallocated to further the development of your business by outsourcing to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).