June 24, 2024


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Illuminated Signs For Advertising And Marketing

There are a great number of signs available for a multitude of purposes and illuminated signs are but one category of signage. The obvious advantage of illuminated signs is their ability to project your message strongly and in a highly visible way.

Within the category of illuminated signs are three basic types – LED, Neon and Fluorescent. The newest are the LED types which are also the most efficient and have the lowest running costs. There have been great strides in development of this technology in recent years and it’s application is continually widening and performance continues to increases all the time.

LED signs are now available for uses as diverse as simple open signs, scrolling message signs and illuminated boards that can be written on with a fluorescent chalk marker pen, thus conveying any message that you may care to put across.

A brief list of the types available is as follows:

Direction signs and signs containing information such as open; house name/number signs; scrolling moving message signs; light-up advertising mirror signs; create-a-message signs that can be written up; illuminated window menus; signs that enclose an existing ceiling light which is used for illumination; window posters that are back-lit by an ultra-thin element.

Many of these signs use special photographic film which can be printed upon, so that any artwork design you like can be professionally designed and incorporated in the sign.

Walk down any high street at night and you will see hundreds of examples of illuminated signs covering the walls and windows of the shops and offices. In order to be seen these days it is almost a necessity to have your commercial information illuminated boldly, in order to attract a customers attention

Although the big cities have for many years had their commercial centres covered in large moving and flashing signs all competing for our attention, there is an enormous growth in the number of smaller signs being displayed else-where.

Signs and signage are available from many sources, but a huge number and variety are now available on-line and often ex-stock. What is often difficult though, is to find a company that will supply all the required signs, the artwork design and the printing.

Here it is wise to spend the time to seek out a specialist supplier who can accommodate all of these requirements, so that you are not forever chasing up various elements of the final display. It is also useful to use this type of supplier across the range of signage and display advertising you require, in order that you achieve a consistency of design, look and feel across your whole display marketing.