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How should I choose between buying and renting event equipment?

Buying or Renting Event Equipment • Ace the Party Place


Every event planner knows that making an event perfect takes a lot of planning, budgeting, and organizing. In our fast-paced world, there are so many different events to coordinate that the type of equipment required varies as well. You should ask yourself whether buying or renting equipment is the better option for your wedding, concert, fundraiser, or community event. In the following text, we’ll explore some of the key points and weigh in on the debate between buying equipment versus renting it for your next event.


One of the most common (and obvious) questions every event planner asks themselves before buying or renting is “Which option will save me the most money?money?money?.” Investing in equipment can save you money in the long run if you plan to use it often enough to justify the expense. The one-time cost of buying may be lower than several rental fees, depending on the equipment in question. Nonetheless, if you just need equipment for yearly or biannual events, renting can ultimately save you from spending a lot of money on items you won’t use often.

How can you determine whether a piece of Event Equipment Sales will be worth your money? The clear winner is to buy the gear if you plan to use it often enough to justify the cost of purchasing it. You may want to consider buying more versatile equipment like tents or portable tables and chairs if you host frequent gatherings, such as weekly or monthly community events. You might find that renting will work best for you and your budget if these events aren’t frequent or don’t require the same equipment.

Transportation and Storage

An additional aspect to consider before purchasing is whether you have the storage space and the ability to transport the equipment. Purchasing large supplies may be more cost-effective than renting, but you must also consider the cost of storing the equipment off-season. In addition, major equipment such as seating or lighting may need to be transported between events. In addition, you’ll need to arrange for the proper setup and breakdown of equipment at each event in a timely and efficient manner. Rental homes are usually cheaper and more convenient because of these factors.


In the long run, purchasing your equipment can save you money, but only if it can withstand multiple events. Decor and props for events can become outdated after only a few uses. Renting equipment helps you avoid investing in risky purchases when styles and trends change quickly without regard to your bank account. Lighting and audio gear are more hefty supplies, and the technology is constantly improving. Renting quality equipment is a more cost-effective option than purchasing out-of-date tech.




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