June 14, 2024


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Event security guards: 7 reasons you should hire them

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Event Security Guards

Why do private events have security guards? What do they do? Will you feel safer with them around?

It takes a lot of work to organise a concert or vendor fair. Find the right location, decor, and price for your event. Don’t forget Event security guard.

Is event security really necessary? Is the cost justified, considering what you spend already?

Here’s what we found.

The first step. Handling Crime

Criminals take advantage of large crowds to steal handbags or vandalise bathrooms. Crimes might seem easy since no one will notice them right away.

Cameras can only detect crime on the spot. Guards can, however, take action.

Guards can arrest suspects if a disturbance occurs until the police arrive. While you wait for law enforcement, criminals won’t cause more trouble.

2. Crime prevention

Security guards at the entrance will deter shady people from committing petty crimes since they will be too afraid of getting caught.

Individuals and entire campuses are often protected by security guards with weapons that are sometimes armed. Security personnel prevent property invasions. 

3. Parking lot security

An event with a large parking lot is likely to require parking lot monitoring. The security team’s role may be to direct attendees to designated parking areas at the beginning and end of an event.

If you don’t have to worry about where everyone is parking, you can spend more time attending to your guests.

Security guards can prevent crime from occurring during your event by simply being present. Additionally, they can assist law enforcement in apprehending any suspects.

Guards can monitor car alarms and respond if they sound during your event. The problem won’t fall on you. It may be necessary for your security guard to patrol the grounds with a special vehicle depending on the lot size.

4. Monitor all visitors

When everyone is arriving at once at a large gathering, it can be difficult to keep track of all your guests.

If your guests are not invited, security guards can manage your guest list tightly for you and prevent you from having to ask them to leave. Additionally, they can use cones, yellow tape, or stanchions to prevent people from cutting the line.

You may be concerned that people entering your event with illegal weapons will commit larger-scale crimes. You can rest assured that security staff will search the bags and belongings of those who enter.

Having a security guard at the entrance of your event lets everyone know that it is being patrolled by professionals.

5. Managing crowds

You can have a chaotic event if you serve alcohol at a large event without proper security. Crowds without control may lead to violence.

A crowd of people who are uncontrolled will make matters worse in an emergency. An organised plan can be devised by security staff in case everyone needs to leave at once. 

To offer your guests an exclusive experience, you should also provide security guards. Guests who block entrances or exits can be asked to move by security guards. Additionally, they can prevent guests from wandering into staff-only or VIP areas.

6. Comply with venue requirements

Your choice of venue may require you to hire security staff.

With a security team, you will be able to provide your venue with peace of mind that criminal activity will not take place while it rents out space to you.

7. Continuing Education

Even if your civilian staff is working very hard, they may not have the necessary training to handle an emergency effectively. Security guards, on the other hand, know precisely what to do in an emergency.

In addition to fire safety training, security guards receive training in emergency preparedness, drug awareness, and first aid. Their skills include observing hazards and handling conflict. You can run an event smoothly with the peace of mind that security staff is constantly monitoring your surroundings.