June 14, 2024


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Electric scooters have 5 benefits

5 Benefits to Owning an Electric Scooter

In big cities such as Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco, electric Scooter battery have become a symbol of modern urban transportation. Electric scooters are the future! Despite our belief that this recent boom in popularity is great, there are many who do not agree. Are you among them? Let’s try! 

1. Mobility

Only folding bicycles can rival electric scooters in terms of portability. Assisted transportation would be much more useful for many people, but they find it too complicated or expensive. It’s great to ride a motorbike, but you need a licence and insurance. However, push bikes are too large to qualify as truly portable, and you often have to leave them chained outside at risk of theft. Lightweight and foldable, electric scooters are easy to store and transport. Essentially, it can be transported anywhere as easily as if it was a suitcase. It can then be unfolded when it’s time and you’re on your way!

2. Environment-friendliness

Electric scooters would be incomplete without mentioning the environment. We are living in an era defined by climate change. In our collective quest for greener modes of transport and reduced emissions, electric scooters are making some progress so far. As they use little electricity and emit no emissions, they improve the air quality in our cities and the health of our citizens. Electric scooters are a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling.


3. Noisy environments

Silence and city travel are incompatible. Noise pollution is a factor in almost every form of transportation – cars, motorbikes, buses, trains – they are all extremely loud. Hard-soled shoes can make even walking noisy! There’s no better way to get from point A to point B than an electric scooter; it’s the fastest and quietest mode of transport.

You or someone you know, no doubt, has a neighbor who works very early or very late hours, and the sound of their car or motorbike at night or early in the morning is a jarring disturbance. You wouldn’t hear anything if they had an electric scooter.





4. Movement and balance

Today, mankind faces the challenge of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Most of us have sedentary jobs or offices, and we drive or take public transportation to and from work. Add to that the technology of modern communication (FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, etc), allowing us to connect without actually moving, and people struggling to find the time to exercise. For smaller journeys, you can use an electric scooter instead of driving or using public transportation. We all know riding a scooter isn’t a substitute for working out, but it will stimulate your core and improve your balance. Using a scooter instead of a chair is a great way to stay active.



5. Protection

Risk is inherent in every mode of transportation. You are more likely to have an accident when you travel faster than walking pace – even something as simple as tripping or bumping into someone while you are jogging. Scooters may prove to be safer than other modes of transport, such as bicycles, roller skates, or hoverboards. In case of an imminent collision, you can simply step off. Bicycles and roller skates don’t allow you to do this, and you don’t have direct access to the brakes on hoverboards. You can ride an electric scooter with enough control to feel safe and secure while being fast enough to be useful.

There aren’t enough positive things to say about electric scooters, which is not surprising. Electric scooters like our own Fuze are an excellent example of what they can do. This electric vehicle has a range of up to 55km, a regenerative braking system that is extremely efficient, and a top speed of 40km/h. Not convinced? See what satisfied customers have to say.