May 30, 2023


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Claim Justice Review : Deliverer of the True Justice

True Justice - Rotten Tomatoes

Places of online trading and shopping are tailor-made hotspots for scammers and these are the areas where most of the scamming is going on. Scamming is a vicious crime which has the potential of taking away a nation’s pride. The classic example of this is India, which has been labeled as the ‘breeding ground of scammers’. So what exactly a scam does? The answer is simple. It is done to steal someone’s money, data, information etc. A couple of years ago, it was quite the norm that if money is stolen in a scam then there is no chance of its recovery. This assumption has been changed due to entities like Claim Justice. 

So what is this Claim Justice? What it really does and for what purpose? These are the questions which shall be answered in this Claim Justice Review.

Who Laid The Foundation of Claim Justice?

Entities like Claim Justice are often developed by the governments and lawmakers under a special law. However, since scams are complex types of crimes therefore due to their complexities, the world hasn’t been able to provide a proper law. Hence, there are no entities like Claim Justice set up by governments. Instead, Claim Justice was specifically founded by private individuals who were all professionals associated with law enforcement agencies in the past. They decided to use their experience and expertise to serve true justice to scammers’ victims. In this humanitarian objective, Claim Justice’s founders took a mile’s leap by committing to provide victims opportunity of reclaiming back their lost funds.

Situation Prior to Claim Justice

Before Claim Justice came into being, scammers had no fears in embezzling and plundering others’ money. But Claim Justice Refunds services became a fear factor for scammers. If not everyone but at least victims of scams are aware of whom they need to contact in the situation of being scammed. Thieves will not be spared and will be made to pay the sums they have stolen by committing a scam upon their victims, thanks to Claim Justice. 

Success Rate of Claim Justice

If we talk about the success rate of Claim Justice in the recovery of funds, then we will come to know that the rate is quite phenomenal. At least 20% of the cases entrusted to it by the clients have reached their end conclusions i.e. criminals faced justice while victims got their refunds. About 80% of the cases are pending in which investigations are going on. It is expected that before the end of 2022, at least 30% out of these 80% cases will be brought to an end. 

Offered Services

There are two major types of services which Claim Justice offers to its clients. First service purely being the recovery of funds/refunds services while the second is the fraud detection services.

With regard to first services, clients lodge their complaints informing the service about how and when they were scammed and what was the monetary loss. In this connection an inquiry is lodged and efforts are put in to catch the thieves and recover the sums from them. 

As regards the fraud detection services which are basically pre-fraud services. In simple words, if a person wants to know about a particular online business by checking it through fraud detection, Claim Justice offers that services. These are very helpful services particularly when there is mushroom growth of Ponzi investment schemes. Similarly, crypto business is notorious for housing so many scammers and fraudsters. If you are unaware of their true identities, then there is high possibility of someone falling prey to their tactics. 

End Remarks

So if at any time you were scammed or that you are sensing an element of fraud, then talk to Claim Justice before it is too late. You might be able have your funds back or that you may be able to prevent a possible fraud which may have devastating impacts. Let Claim Justice help you witness how true justice is served.