June 17, 2024


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Applications of stainless steel coils in industry.

Application of stainless steel - SACOVINA

The stainless steel coil application growth in the automotive industry is based on the analysis of the stainless steel coil industry. In the United States, stainless steel coil consumption has increased from 40 to 60 kilograms since the last decade in Japanese cars.

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Steel coils are widely used in buses, subways, high-speed trains, and other public transportation vehicles. Stainless steel coil applications are a potential large market for China’s home appliance industry. Additionally, stainless steel coil is also increasing in popularity in the construction, water treatment, environmental protection, and environmental protection industries.

1. The automobile industry

Stainless steel coils are a rapidly growing market. In the manufacture of body structures, stainless steel coil plate can reduce vehicle weight, increase body strength, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce decorative parts with the vehicle by using stainless steel coil plate.

Additionally, stainless steel coil provides heat resistance as a result of the automobile exhaust system and is resistant to chloride ion corrosion. The automotive industry drives the need for stainless steel coil.

2. Providers of water

As water pollution continues, storage and transportation become increasingly important. The desalination industry has proven to be a better choice for preparation, storage, transportation, water purification, and regeneration of stainless steel coils.

Among its advantages are its corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, water, sanitation (rust, green copper), low maintenance, long service life (can last for 40 years), and low life cycle cost (LCC). It is also among the green environmental protection materials that can be recycled.

3. How it is constructed

Stainless steel coils were used in this application from the very beginning. Presently, in the building decoration, stainless steel coil plates are mostly used for the outer walls of high-rise buildings, the internal and external column coatings, the handrails, the floors, the elevator panels, the doors, windows, the curtain walls, and the internal and external decoration. Stainless steel coils with a color and coating, after surface treatment, solve the fingerprint problem, therefore extending the range of applications for stainless steel further.

4. Protecting the environment

Stainless steel coils are produced by industrial waste gas, waste, and sewage treatment plants. This material resists sulfur dioxide flue gas desulfurization, chloride ion corrosion, iron ions, absorption towers, and coolers. In the manufacture of pumps, valves, and flues, high-quality austenitic stainless steel coils as well as duplex steel coils are required. 

5. Stainless steel coil is typically used in industrial facilities in developed countries at a rate of 15% – 15%; however, at the domestic level, the use is still small. In part, this is due to the importation of a complete set of industrial equipment, stainless steel coil material statistics, but also, because no domestic materials have been used. Chemists, petrochemists, chemical fiber makers, paper makers, food processors, doctors, and energy providers (thermal power, nuclear power) use stainless steel coils.

A maintenance period is now underway for existing imported equipment. Domestic industrial facilities in the future application of stainless steel coil will increase year by year as the quality of domestic stainless steel rolling products improves and special brand products are developed.