February 29, 2024


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An instant and low-capital stock trading app from LiveTrade: A breeze for the market

LiveTrade's low-capital and instant stock trading app: A

The Livetrading team is investing all of its energy into the development of the LiveTrade App, a mobile application for online stock trading with zero commissions that will significantly revolutionise conventional securities.

Lewes, Del., Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of LiveTrade’s flagship products, LiveTrade App, will go live by the end of this year. In the Vietnamese stock market, this combination of blockchain and securities is intended to change investors’ habits. By tokenizing stocks from large enterprises in Vietnam, LiveTrade App provides access to one of the most difficult and demanding investment markets in the world for students, housewives, workers, etc.

Almost all of the traditional stock market’s problems can be solved with the LiveTrade App. Blockchain technology enables investors to buy and sell stocks proactively without having to wait for T+2 notification. This ensures the stability of the system while allowing them to buy and sell stocks proactively. The LiveTrade App allows investors to trade 24/7, even during non-trading hours, without paying commissions, maximizing their profit. The application includes a simple registration process and KYC procedure. As opposed to waiting for days, users can start trading in less than 10 minutes.

Investing in tokenized shares allows investors to buy partial stocks with a capital of just $1. The system will calculate the number of stocks the investor will receive based on the amount they invest. This interface is simple and user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners and amateurs alike. Newcomers can reduce investment risks by investing in stocks from leading Vietnamese companies. The LiveTrade App means the stock market isn’t just for the rich or entrepreneurs.

A part of LiveTrade’s ecosystem, LiveTrade App is an easy-to-use app for trading. The LiveTrade Token (LTD) was first issued by LiveTrade LTD in June 2021, as part of an ongoing process to support the growth of the LiveTrade platform and benefit its token holders. One of the company’s biggest steps since it was established was the issuance of the LTD token. LTD has a market cap of around $5.5M on both Binance Smart Chain and Kardia Chain, which is more than 50 times its initial capitalization just two months ago of $100K.

On dapp.livetrade.io, LiveTrade also offers several features for holders of KRC20 tokens. The farming and staking pools on LiveTrade’s DAPP have surprisingly attracted a total value of over $2.5M after 10 days of launch. Users will also be able to receive tokenized stocks from LiveTrade’s securities portfolio in the coming weeks. Additional features, such as Lending and Repo, are being added, allowing users to earn interest on their digital assets or to borrow money for a variety of purposes.

LiveTrade also offers a Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) model, a form of fundraising through tokenizing business assets and offering them on LiveTrade’s partnering platforms. A total of $30M has been raised by several companies and startups over the last nine months with DIPO’s help. Twelve potential projects are currently being reviewed and appraised, promising to generate income for the community. Visit dipo.livetrade.io for details.

We are on our way to building a comprehensive ecosystem in which LiveTrade App can be part of a larger ecosystem that combines the best of digital and traditional technology. LiveTrade’s mission is to provide innovative financial solutions that are transparent, low-cost, and in compliance with current regulations.