July 12, 2024


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Advertising on digital billboards has many benefits


There is nothing new about Digital billboard. Piccadilly Circus and Times Square, for example, are both more than a decade old. Digital billboards at this time were available only to global brands with enormous marketing budgets. With the recent advancements in digital screen technology and the resulting price reductions, outdoor advertising has changed significantly. In your local area, you might have noticed digital billboards replacing traditional billboards. There will be a continuation of this trend for the foreseeable future in major UK cities.

Digital is exciting, but why? This is why:

The best locations

The busiest areas are usually where digital billboards are located. Your ad will be seen by more potential customers when more people pass the billboard.

Efficiencies in production

The cost of printing is reduced since no posters are needed.

Lead times are shorter

It can take as little as a few hours for your ad to appear on the screen. Two weeks before your ad goes up, you do not need to send a paper poster.

There are multiple messages

You can send different versions of your advertisement with the address of each store if you want to promote different stores. You can use your time slot to display two advertisements if you have two products or services to promote.




Dates that can be flexible

There are good reasons why outdoor advertising works in half-week blocks. Digital, however, allows you to begin and end whenever you want. It is okay to stop advertising on a Wednesday or the Tuesday before, or even the Monday before your event…

Less time spent on campaigns

In order to maximize exposure, outdoor advertisements should be displayed for at least two weeks.  However, there are times when a shorter number of hours for a longer period is more beneficial. Is there a Tuesday special? Your ad can only be shown on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, stopping on the Tuesday as soon as your offer ends. By reducing potential waste (when your advertising is less effective), your budget can be better utilized.

Hours of the day

Take a moment to consider your product. Are you looking to advertise your off-licence or bar during people’s morning commute? Your bargain bottle of wine may be better advertised in the afternoon. You can grab people’s attention when they are heading home after a stressful day at work!


Using all the features described above, digital technology provides some great creative opportunities. Consider the following examples. There are probably more that you can come up with…

  • Do you serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your restaurant? The ads should be served at appropriate times of day: a coffee ad in the morning, a sandwich ad in the afternoon, and a juicy steak ad in the evening.
  • Do you have a fast food place that stays open late? Advertise an inexpensive yet effective kebab between 10pm and 3am only.
  • If the temperature drops below 10 degrees, advertise Tenerife when you have great winter sun deals. Sure! We can set up your ad to show only when the temperature hits the specified range as long as we have your ad.
  • Advertize your shady beer garden and ice cream only when the sun is shining bright!
  • Is there a product available for both women and men? Does your gym have a ladies-only area and a large free weight area? If so, advertise both areas simultaneously. You can show one ad for 5 seconds, then another for 2 minutes if you’ve purchased a 10 second ad. Alternatively, you could show one ad for a minute, then show the other for the next minute.
  • Are you opening a store, planning an event, or launching a new product? Start counting down. There are only five days left.

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