June 23, 2024


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10 Kid-Friendly Things Every Parent Should Own

If you’re a parent, then you know that raising kids can be hard work. Cleaning up messes, getting dressed, play dates, – Even the fun times can be a bit stressful. But have no fear! There are a few things every parent should have that can help make your life easier, and keep your kids having fun, safe and always learning.

1. Stroller

This comes in handy for walks around the neighborhood, to the park or even just running errands. You’ll be thankful for a stroller when your little one gets tired and you still have shopping to do.

2. Mesh Door 

Whether it’s the front door or back, sometimes it’s nice to let some air in by leaving the door open. But especially in the Summer and Fall you might be greeted by some unwanted pests like mosquitoes and wasps which can be a major nuisance and even a danger to your child. Installing a mesh screen type door can help keep those pesky bugs out while letting some fresh air in, and since they close together with magnets and affixed to the door you can relax knowing that your young ones won’t be able to rip them down.

3. Sound Machine

This can be a lifesaver during nap time or bedtime, especially in an apartment with thin walls and noisy neighbors. A sound machine will help create a peaceful environment for your little ones to fall asleep, whether they prefer ocean waves, a breeze through the trees, whales or pure white noise. And you may benefit as well if you’re trying to get in on nap time too!

4. A Security Camera

Keeping an eye on your children while they play in the backyard or playroom is crucial for their safety. Installing a security camera can help you keep an eye on them when you’re busy running other errands or even just in the other room. Don’t worry, it isn’t an invasion of privacy especially when they’re too young to be hiding anything from you!

5. A Playpen or Crib 

Babies need lots of sleep, and an easy way to make sure they get it is with a safe enclosure. Playpens and cribs can be used when they’re very young, so you can put them down for a nap while you tackle the housework. By keeping your child isolated to one area you can keep them safely away from spaces you’re cleaning or working on, and vice versa.

6. Outlet Covers 

As your child grows and starts to go around the house exploring, they may accidentally get into things like outlets. Outlet covers are a simple way to prevent any scary electrical shocks from happening in the future and reduce your family’s odds of being one of the 400 at home electrocutions per year. They’re also easy to install and keep out of sight so you won’t need to worry about covering up all the wall sockets when guests come over. Especially when you have a curious toddler, it’s an easy but massive step towards safety. 

7. Blackout Shades  

Whether it’s nap time or bedtime and it’s still light out- we’ve all been there. Blackout shades are a great way to help them get some much-needed rest and keep their room dark so they can easily fall asleep. So the next time your baby is having a hard time sleeping, consider investing in some blackout shades to help them get some shut-eye.

8. Bathroom Night Lights

You know how kids love to get up in the middle of the night, especially when they’re super young? Well, bathroom night lights can help them find their way even in the dark. These lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose: keeping everyone safer and happier! Plus you can usually find a light in the shape of their favorite TV or video game character, adding a little touch of their personality to the house.

9. High Chair 

Feeding a baby is one of the most time-consuming (and messy) tasks when they’re very young. That’s why having a high chair is so helpful – it keeps them safe and comfortable while you get their meal together, and makes cleanup easy too! 

10. A Diaper Bag 

Whether you own one or two kids or more, having a diaper bag on hand can really come in handy. The best ones are big enough to hold all the essentials, but small enough to be easy to carry around with you. Make sure you always have diapers, wipes and extra clothes for your little ones with you wherever you go!

In Conclusion

So parents, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the hard work that comes with raising kids, remember – you’re not alone! With these key tools in your arsenal, you can be ready for anything and make sure your little ones are safe and having fun. Happy parenting!


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